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You have arrived to a website dedicated to Revenger inc.
This page contains information about our software and some links to where it can be downloaded. Information about our software is found under "Projects" on the left. Source code and binary distributions are available under "Download".

2004 Feb 23

Thanks to Daniel Roop at Moncton Computer Service, this website has now moved to a new address. This should hopefully be a more reliable source of downloading our software. Please don't bother Daniel with any questions about Revenger inc. Send them to us instead.

2004 Feb 12

Non-sense update to keep from removing all files. In case someone has a few kB's of webspace to host these files, feel free to send us an e-mail.

2003 Jul 11

Revenger inc. suspends all operations.

As those who has followed the development of Revenger inc.'s software has noticed, the pace has never been very high. The development cycle has usually been one or two upgrades every year and after each upgrade, we released one or two bug-fixes. However, recently there has been no development at all, and all projects has been standing still.

The reasons for this are simple enough, and boils down to time and complexity. Revenger inc. has always been a spare time occupation, we have never been paid for the work, it has never had a budget and the reason to do it has been for fun, rather than for profit. At the same time the size and complexity of the projects has increased and requires a lot more work today than four years ago.

Well, shortage of time and energy is something we have plenty of these days. :)

Since there has been no work put into the projects for a long time, and this doesn't seem likely to change, we conclude that the rational thing to do is to simply step away from it. There is no point in telling people who keep asking when the new release will be out, that it might come next month, next year and so on, since the most likely answer is that it will not be out at all. So now we can simply say: it will not be out at all.

It seems that people has liked what we have done, and it has been nice to get feedback, with suggestions on improvements and fixes. It has also been nice to be able to share some of the source code with folks, who has wanted to make something similar. Thus, it would feel sad to hold out on the possibility to improve the programs further.

We have therefore decided to release all source code for all our project under an open source-licence. We have chosen the MIT-licence, which we believe will put the code to the best use. This means that anyone can get a copy of the source code, and make changes or improvements to it, and use it in their own programs, provided Revenger inc. gets credit. We hope that releasing the source code like this will at least to some extent make the projects live on.

We would of course be happy to see someone pick up the work after us, and should someone care to start a Sourceforge-project based on our code, or in any other way try to make the programs develop further, we would be happy to lend a helping hand, should it be neccessary.

As stated above, Revenger inc. has been a project for fun, and fun it has been. Thanks to everyone who has tried out our software and helped us have fun.

2003 Jan 20

Snow.exe is released. This version works on Windows XP.

2002 Dec 13

Snow.exe is released! Find all the winter you need on the download page. :)

2002 Jul 25

MinMaxExtender is released. It contains a bunch of fixes and some new functionality. It also supports using other languages than english. You can find it on the download page.

2002 Jun 23

Changed the license for snow.exe and TranspIcon.exe. We are now using the MIT-license for our open source-projects. Also updated some documentation in snow.exe and Transpicon.exe.

2002 Jun 07

MinMaxExtender is released as a beta called Check it out on the projects page. You can help...

2002 May 03

MinMaxExtender is the new beta release of MMExt. Get it from the project page.

2002 Mar 02

Since it has been a long while since something last happened here, our conscience forces us to, in an act of slight panic, figure something out to say here.

For starters, if you speak spanish you can now get CMExt and MMExt in spanish, thanks to Cbf who has translated the programs and documentation. You can find the programs at

Second, to give the illusion of something having been done the last couple of months, we release a small, trivial and not very useful program called TranspIcon. It just makes the desktop more transparent than usual. It can be found on the download page.

TranspIcon and snow.exe are now released with a BSD-ish sort of license. That means that you can get the source for the programs and make modifications of them, with practically no strings attached. It's free and it up for grabs. We're looking in to releasing coming versions of MMExt and CMExt under the same license.

As for MMExt and CMExt, progress is steady and secure. Or in other words, very slow. But it should get better before long. Probably...

2001 Dec 11

Snow.exe is born and brought to the world. Check the projects-page to find out about Snow.exe, or go to the download-page to let the winter invade your computer.

2001 Nov 21

MinMaxExtender version sees the light of day in a non-beta release. Find it on the download-page.

2001 Nov 04

New beta of MinMaxExtender. See projectspage for details.

2001 Oct 19

New release of CMenuExtender with a minor fix.

2001 Oct 05

Opps, the Newsletter-page had wrong mail-addresses. Now it's corrected.

2001 Oct 03

After having spent far to much time messing about with the css-file and struggeling with GIMP, Revenger inc. online gets a new look. It's not revolutionary and it won't win any prices, but it's the contents that counts. And we do have a logo now. It's a tree.

We also have a newsletter hosted by, so if you want to know about our new releases check out the section on the left. An user suggested that we should have it several months ago, but we didn't get around to putting it up on the pages.

This version of Revenger inc. online is also written in Emacs and has been checked out in Netscape on X11. It looked horrible, so we checked it out in Windows instead, which was a little better. But we're not web-designers so don't look to close. :)

2001 Sep 14

New beta of MinMaxExtender. Download from the project-page.

2001 Sep 07

Recieved an e-mail from Geocities saying that this page will be shut down periodically, since we have to much traffic. What are poor freeware-developers without a budget to do? Anyone with a few KBs of webspace to spare for a mirrorsite? And yes, we know we could buy some space really cheap somewhere, but really cheap is not free, and we make freeware, not really-cheap-ware. :)

Of course, we should have set up mirrors long ago, that's why we have the disclaimer at the bottom of the pages, but we just didn't get around to it. Anyway, with any luck, it isn't too serious. If it is too serious, we might get sued, end up in prison and have to code for peanuts. ;)

2001 Aug 31

Version of CMenuExtender is released. It includes a bugfix for [movefolder] and [copyfolder].

2001 Jun 28

Version of CMenuExtender is released and can be found on the downloadpage.

2001 May 25

The new version of CMenuExtender is made available for beta-testing.

2001 Jan 30

New releases of CMenuExtender and MinMaxExtender. For more information check out the projectspage. The new files can be found on the downloadpage.

2001 Jan 29

Someone at Revenger inc. learns some HTML and Revenger inc. online is born and brought to the world.

These pages are written with GNU Emacs and has been checked out with Mozilla on a X11-server. It looks decent enough, but IE-users might see things different. The page uses CSS and probably complies to some standard of HTML...

This is a mirror site maintained by Revenger inc. Any remarks, questions, suggestions and matters concerning this site should be directed to Revenger inc. directly, NOT the host of this mirror.