How to Create a Social Media Network App?

So you have decided to build a social media app, and you want to pass the job on to a social media app builder as soon as possible. While that makes sense, you should slow down a little and explore some social media app ideas before you contract the social media creator. This will give you an idea of what you want before you recruit someone to create a social media app for you. The…

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How to Integrate Geolocation Services in Your Mobile App

Android geolocation app is currently the talk, and you might be wondering how you can integrate the services on your Android or iOS phone. The as shown below, services help locate objects to help you assess the position of different users as shown in the image below. There are different processes you can follow to integrate the services on your mobile app. First, use LocationManager tools on your phone to assess and locate places and…

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What are the next steps for my app idea?

If you are reading this article, then it is highly likely that you have an app idea but no programming skills. This is normal; having an idea for the app is not restricted to programmers alone. Quite often, people with no programming skills come up with an app idea and find help creating an app out of the idea. Even as we speak, there are thousands of people with new app ideas looking for developers…

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