How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Mobile App?

It is now official that mobile applications are an integral part of everyday life, used by both business and individuals. Do apps cost money to build? Yes, they do, and it is lots of money, as much as hundreds of thousands of dollars. The majority of beginner app developers are curious to know how much it would cost them to develop applications. Download infographic The Business Model The business and revenue generation plans are at…

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How to Find an App Developer

As an upcoming entrepreneur you will be in a dilemma to find an app developer especially when you have an idea about the app but not sure how to go about the market response. When you are in tune with different mobile app industry, finding one is very easy, however, if you are new, there are two essential ways of finding your app developer. First, check on your friends and college mates who know the…

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How to Sell Your App Idea

The growing use of smart devices; phones, tablets, and personal computers, has increased the demand for applications. Applications are essentially the specially developed programs that run on smart devices enabling you to execute tasks. The increasing technological advancements have not only provided an opportunity to hardware creators, but also to software developers. To develop an application, an idea is first conceived. Conception involves mental brainstorming, identification of a problem that can be solved and the…

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